The Church of God
(La Iglesia de Dios)


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To help you find articles of interest to you, the following categories have been established. Clicking on the category of your choice will take you to that group of articles:
Time Has Not Been Lost!           (html)           pdf format       
El Tiempo No Ha Sido Perdido!  (html)         pdf format       
Man's Purpose   (html)            pdf format       
Physical Presence of God  (html)          pdf format       
Noah's Flood and God's Calendar  (html)                            pdf format
La Inundacion De Noe Y El Calendario De Dios  (html)      pdf format (Spanish)   
Why Count The Days of Noah's Flood?  (html)           pdf format       
¿Por qué Contar los Días de Noé?  (html)            pdf format       
Why was Canaan Cursed for What Ham Did?  (html)       pdf format        
The Time of Jacob's Trouble   (html)           pdf format      
Setting The Sacred Calendar  (html)           pdf format       
The 430 Years - The 400 Years (html)               pdf format              
Los 430 Años - Los 400 Años (html)                 pdf format         
360 Day Year Not Biblically Provable   (html)        pdf format       
Books of Joshua and Judges Dated?  (html)               pdf format          
Solomon's Temple Dated   (html)                                  pdf format      
Dedicación del Templo de Salomón Durante el Jubileo   (html)            pdf format  
Destruction of Solomon's Temple Dated  (html)       pdf format       
God's Timeline of Man's Walk on Earth   (html)           pdf format       
The Good Friday Myth   (html)         pdf format       
Has the Passover Been Passed Over?   (html)            pdf format       
¿Ha Sido Pasada por Alto la Pascua?    (html)           pdf format       
Last Seven Days of the Life of Christ   (html)          pdf format       
Los Últimos Siete Días de la Vida de Cristot   (html)          pdf format (Spanish)  
Pentecost - The Forgotten Day!   (html)            pdf format       
The Church of God - Where Is it?  (html)            pdf format       
Instructions For Keeping The Passover at Home (pdf)       
Understanding Leaven   (html)         pdf format     
The Ten Virgins And Christ's Return  (html)                  pdf format
Las Diez Virgenes Y El Regreso De Cristo  (html)      pdf format
The Prophetic Days of Daniel 12  (html)          pdf format      
Los días proféticos de Daniel 12  (html)                         pdf format
Who Are The 144 Thousand?  (html)                  pdf format       
Was Isaac a Type of Christ?  (html)           pdf format      
Four Hundred Years of Genesis 15:13-15 Clarified  (html)           pdf format      
The Wave Sheaf Offering  (html)                                       pdf format    
La Ofrenda De La Gavilla Mecida  (html)                         pdf format        
Bible Timeline  (html)            pdf format         
Solar Calendar Proves Biblical Sabbaths                  pdf format
Doctrinal Position  (html)               pdf format
Footwashing Question    (html)                             pdf format
COG Meaning of Porneia   (html)                       pdf format

Is There A Group Called "The Very Elect"? (html)      pdf format

What Is The Government of God?                                pdf format

Cual es el Gobierno de Dios                                        pdf format

God's Holy Days -- How and When to Keep Them

Back Issues of the Church of God Bulletin

Leavening or Not Leavening? (Food for Feast of Unleavened Bread) (html)            pdf format

History Involving the "Philadelphia Church of God" (PCG)
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